If you live in Estes Park, “Brownfields” is all you need to say.  Over the years however the store and the name have changed.  The service and the quality of goods has not. Here is a picture of the latest change at Brownfields.

Brownfields new Signage
Brownfields New Look
Brownfields recently made history again by changing the name and the sign on the front of the store.  Brownfields has always been the consistent theme over the years and everyone knows Jerry, Don and “Brownfields Crew”.
Just in case you forgot what the old look was, here is a shot before the sign was removed for the new look in 2011.
  Brownfields Trading Post

Brownfields Trading Post.  This was the look that Brownfields had from 1986 until July of 2011. Don and Jerry were out front admiring the new sign and knew that they had done the right thing when they heard a little boy tell his dad “I want to go to the Trading Post”. It has to give you a great feeling as a store owner to get such immediate feedback. Enough so that they have remembered it all of these years.

Like many Estes Park businesses that started as the “Mom & Pop” store, the original store was started in the Preston House at 350 East Elkhorn Avenue, and still today’s address.  You can tell that there have been many changes over the years since then.

The Preston House.

The Preston House in Estes Park

 During the 1950’s, the store was known as a leather shop.  Not just any leather shop, but a western leather shop.

Brownfield's Leather Shop 1950's

You can see that the sign on the front of the store boats a Western Leather shop. The streets are dirt in front of the store in this shot taken in the 1950’s.  Estes Park was still a little western town with kids running horse races up and down main street in the summer time for something to do.

The 60's What Else Can Be Said

Typical of the 60’s, the store took on the 60’s George Jetson look. We were all so full of ourselves in the 60’s, but that is a whole different subject that I will address later. None the less, a very interesting look.

Brownfield's new look in 1978

Brownfields New Look - 1978

In 1978 they cleaned up the look of the store by removing the 60’s look and changing the color scheme.The name of the store still brandished “The Leather Shop” in 1978. The location is still the same on Elkhorn Avenue.

Brownfield's New Look 1987

In 1984 the front of the store was changed to the “Western” look that it has today. A very significant improvement and a classic look that has stayed the time for over 27 years.If you live here, visit here or just wandering through by accident, make sure you stop at Brownfields an Estes Park Legend. Brownfields the New Look

The New Look & The New Name

Have a great day and don’t forget to stop in and buy something – they have great deals every day, new merchandise every week.


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Colorado has a small moose population that seems to be  growing every year. The few moose that we have can be found mostly on the Western Slope or the West side of the Continental Divide.  You really have to know where to look for them or you won’t find them. Over the past few years we have had some bulls wander over to the Eastern side of the Continental Divide looking for love. Once they figure out they are lost they typically head back up the Poudre Canyon for the Western Slope to find their friends.

Recently we have had some sightings of some moose around Estes Park. This cow along with her calf have been wandering around town for the last several days. The first sighting  was by the big slide at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning.  I’m afraid I was actually asleep and didn’t get that call.  The next day by the Catholic Church and moving North. I captured this shot while the cow and her calf were resting at the MacGregor Ranch North of Estes Park yesterday.

Cow Moose resting at MacGregor Ranch

Moose Cow and her calf resting at the MacGregor Ranch

Mother Nature camouflages the young so that they disappear right into the habitat that they are surrounded by.  You can barely see the ears of the calf to the left of the mother. These moose are much lighter in color than the typical moose which helps them in disappearing into the background of the grass, trees and rocks.

Calf Moose Resting

It is exciting to see moose make a comeback in Colorado.  The other half of that is that they are much more aggressive animals than elk particularly when they have young around.  The Rangers and Department of Wildlife Officers will have their hands full educating the tourists that these animals are actually a threat if approached.  You can’t just walk up to them with your camera.

Have a terrific day!

San Diego Watching

The beautiful Colorado Mountains had to take a little break while I went to San Diego.

San Diego Bay Sunset

San Diego Bay Sunset

I spent a little time on the Pacific Ocean looking for some interesting marine critters.  We went on a whale watching boat.   No guarantee’s that you’re going to see any whales.

The Sum Fun - Dana Point Port

Sum Fun - Dana Point

The crew on the Sum Fun which sails out of Dana Point Harbor in California were terrific.  Food was great as well.

San Diego Grey Whale

There She Blows

We were lucky enough to see a grey whale headed North from Mexico towards Alaska.  The grey whales head north to the lush Alaskan waters to feed all summer.

San Diego Grey Whale Fluke

The Fluke

I think it is everyone’s wish to be able to see “Flipper” up close and personal.  We got to see lots and lots of Flippers.  This particular Dolphin was headed our way with a great big smile on his face.

Flipper with a smile

Flipper with a smile


Flippers, Flippes, Flippers & more Dolphins

Flippers, Flippers and more Dolphins

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, have a great week –


Even though it wasn’t this mornings sunrise (I’ve been saving this one) it is definitely a sunrise with an attitude. 

Sunrise over Estes Park Colorado with an Attitude

Sunrise with an "Attitude"

Hopefully we can all take this breathtaking feeling into and through the entire year of 2011.

Have a great day and go gettum –


John Ramey was a good friend.  We lost him a couple of years ago, but John was truly the essence of Estes Park.  John was a trader and a true entrepreneur.  John owned the lot where the star is located in the picture below.

John Ramey Star

John Ramey's Star

It is always comforting around Christmas time to see the “Star” and the figure Jesus looking down on Estes Park, almost as if protecting our little community.   Estes Park is a special place with special people, special memories and a feeling that you can not get anywhere else that I’ve ever been.

Merry Christmas and may God bless your family as much as he has blessed ours –

Sleepy Little Village

Our little town was wrapped in snow and clouds this morning.  It’s going to be a “White Christmas” in Estes Park for sure.

Downtown Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Sleeping as Dawn Awaits

  I heard on the news this morning that above 9,000 feet they are expecting 7 to 9 feet of snow.  I’m so glad that we are at 7,522 feet.  We will have a little bit, but if you want more take a drive in the park.  Tuesday was a terrific day.  We had rain in Estes Park (you don’t have to shovel rain) and just above us about 800 feet it was all white with snow and snowing.

Have a great day-

Dennis & Gerald

Pictured below is Gerald with Dennis Reinke, renowned commission artist and art instructor from Estes Park. Dennis Reinke and Gerald Mayo were at Starbucks a local coffeeing hole.  You never know who you are going to meet at the Estes Park Starbucks.   Dennis was an architect, and developer in a previous life.

Dennis Reinke Commission Artist

Dennis & Gerald

  He is now doing what he enjoys the most.  Dennis gets great pleasure out of his painting, and teaching others the craft.  The majority of his work is commissioned artwork.  People want pictures of their pets, themselves, a special scene from their house here to take back home.

You never know who you will run into at the Estes Park Starbucks.  Many of our locals or part-time citizens are actually famous but you wouldn’t know it from looking at them.

Have a great weekend –