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The wind stopped, the temperature was 50 and there were goblins, ghosts, witches, and you name it downtown this evening.  There was candy for everyone.

Stacey's Frog

Stacey's Little Frog

Who are these fine ladies?

Ladies of the Night?

Clowns night out.

Clowns Night Out

Must be a Goblin

Must be a Goblin


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Estes Park is thawing out from the snowstorm just in time for Halloween.  I’m not sure how much snow we actually received but I don’t think I ever say more than 14 or 15 inches on the ground at one time.  It would snow, melt, snow some more, and melt some more.  It truly was a winter wonderland for three days.

Our wonderful wind arrived Thursday evening about 9:30 PM.  I thought a car had hit our house.  The actuality was the wind had started and all of the snow from the trees hit the picture windows and the deck.  It was loud enough to wake you up.

It has been melting all along, and we are looking forward to a great evening for the “Trick or Treators” downtown tonight.

Meltiang Icicle in Estes Park

Melting Icicle in Estes Park

Icicle in Estes Park Colorado

Slowly melting is this icicle hanging from the eves

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River Snow

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Estes Park Snow

Snow Patio Furniture

Blanket of snow on the deck furniture

No BBQ today


The weatherman is typically close, but never right on the Estes Park forecast.  This time, I’m afraid they got it right.  We woke up to about fourteen inches of snow, and it’s still snowing.  According to the famous weather person, it is supposed to snow all day today and tomorrow.Snow Pines

There won’t be any grilling our outside meals on the deck at the Mayo house today for sure.

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For those of you waiting on the “Monday Morning Coffee”, Renee’ has been out, but it is written! In the meantime I thought you would enjoy this.

Many of the larger bulls are becoming friends again, and running in the same herd with the cows. Pretty soon, they will all be best buddies and hanging out by themselves.

"Majestic Bull Elk"

Watching the heard

Bev Doolittle?

Bulls in the Snow in Estes Park, Colorado

Down for the Night

Down for the Night

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Estes Park stands beautiful as always in the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, and the Continental Divide.  I’ve lived here for over 18 years, and it never stops taking my breath away with all of  the beauty that surrounds us here in Estes Park. 

I was visiting with a nice lady from Ireland at the Hallmark Store and she insisted that since my surname was Irish with County Mayo, and Mt Mayo being the tallest mountain in all of Ireland that I should visit the “mother country”.  You will never see anything so green in your life she insisted.

I told her that it was really very difficult for me just to go to Denver, and that I didn’t see a visit to Ireland in my future.  I love my town, and I really hate leaving it for any reason.  I think it is the most beautiful place in the world – why go anywhere else?

Entrance to Estes Park

Entrance to Estes Park

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While downtown this afternoon taking pictures of the mall, I ran into several people. It was my intention to publish more pictures, but I had to change my plan because of the conversations.

The Fire Fighters saved downtown.

Carroll Dermody from the Village Barber Shop was one of those people. Carroll and I visited briefly about the rebuilding of the mall. I saw Sharon Seeley and her daughter Jenna. Their family has owned the mall for over 25 years and it is their intention to rebuild the mall. I saw Tom DeLeo just outside his famous Deli. Tom invited me in and informed me that the Department of Health had just given him the green light to be open tomorrow.

The entire community has come together to help each other and to make sure that this tragedy becomes an opportunity to help each other and make our community stronger.

Colorado Homestead Thanks Fire Fighters

Colorado Homestead Thanks Fire Fighters

DeLeo's Deli

DeLeo's Deli

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