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I went down to the staging area for the Christmas Parade yesterday and got some shots of the floats as they were being lined up.  You can see here the staging area at the West end of Elkhorn, Ave where floats are placed in the order of their appearance in the parade.

Staging Area

Initial Staging Area West Elkhorn Avenue

Thank you to the Estes Park Police Department, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department, and the countless number of volunteers for both of those organizations and the town who help with crowd control, traffic, lining up the parade and keeping the parade moving (repairing breakdowns) as it progresses through downtown.


Traffic Control

Traffic Control by the Estes Park Police Department

This horse drawn wagon was having some modern times technical difficulties.  They had tied some speakers underneath the wagon so the music being played by the local singer guitar player could be heard.  One of the speakers fell off, and was being run over by the wagon.  Traffic was backed up three blocks behind the horse and wagon before they could remedy the situation and move on.


Technical Difficulites

Horse Drawn Technical Difficulties

This Chrysler “Woody” has approximately 47,000 original miles on it, and has never left the state of Colorado.  It is typical of the time when everyone went out and cut down their own family Christmas tree.  Theirs has been carefully placed on top of the family car.


The Family Car - The Family Christmas Tree

The Christmas Season has been officially launched with “Black Friday” and the Estes Park Christmas Parade.

Have a great day!  Mr. Estes Park


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This isn’t San Diego

This isn’t San Diego.  While I was in San Diego, I think I ate fish for every meal I was there with the exception of the In & Out Burger that Mark stopped and picked up for us on our way to the Airport.  


The Fish Market is always a favorite in San Diego located near Seaport Village on the water’s edge.  It is actually very close to the museum (Aircraft Carrier) in a previous post.

 I did find a little gem however that would very much remind everyone of the Meadow Mountain Café.  Small place, always people waiting for food, and as you know “fantastic food”.  I don’t mean good, I don’t mean better than average, I mean “FANTASTIC”.

 “Blue Water” is the name of the restaurant, and it is located on Washington Street just off the 5 near the airport.  When you are in San Diego, even if it is for a layover at the airport, it is worth the time to go to “Blue Water” for some fresh fish. 

 My son Mark, Mr. Fisherman Extraordinaire, and self made Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, Wolfgang Puck,  and Julia Child of the fishing world said that it was the best fish that he had ever eaten.  They have a meat case of displays of fresh fish that they sell to the public, and also provide fish meat directly to the restaurant.  Mark had to compliment them on their presentation and freshness of their fish.

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I’ve assembled a group of pictures that I thought you might find interesting.  This is a group of pictures that were taken this year and last year when the Estes Park Volunteer Firemen put Jesus up at the West end of Elkhorn.

Assembeling Jesus

Firemen Assemble Jesus in Estes Park

Jesus stands twenty feet tall when he is completely finished.  He has been standing at the West end of Elkhorn Avenue for over 50 years.  Obviously he is in dire need of repair.  Hopefully we will have repairs completed on him this year, and he will be ready for another 50 years of watching over our town.

Jesus - the bottom half.

Firemen work dilligently

Jesus from the front


Completed Figure Jesus




I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

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Sugar Ray Leonard & Gerald

When you go to conventions they always have speakers of notoriety.  Some are better than others particularly when it comes to speaking.

Sugar Ray Leonard is not only an exceptional speaker with an exceptional message, but truly a definition of the American Dream.  Sugar Ray is an example of what can be done if you have goals and keep focused.

Gerald Mayo & Sugar Ray


Sugar Ray wasn’t given anything, but he wasn’t afraid to earn it.  He knew what he had to do, and felt confident that he could do it.  He knew that if he was willing to go beyond what it took, and willing to do more than anyone else that he would be successful.

Sugar Ray practiced and worked hard every day that he trained for every fight.  He knew that if he worked harder, was better prepared mentally, and in better shape physically he was confident in himself and the outcome.

Tiger Woods practices hard every day, not just when he feels like it.  We should all work hard, practice our craft and stay focused on our goals.

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San Diego Convention Center


The Realtor Convention in San Diego has been packed with education classes, and a record number of Realtors.  They are estimating approximately 19,000 will be in attendance at this year’s convention, setting a new attendance record.

I will be writing more about the convention and some of the classes later, but thought I’d post some pictures for you.  There is about six inches of snow in Estes Park so the climate here is a little more palatable.

Have a great day –

Beautiful Setting

What a beautiful place for a convention.

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Hudson Elwood Mayo

Hudson Elwood Mayo

Gerald & Hudson

I apologize for the lack of postings on Mr Estes Park.  I am currently in San Diego at the CRB convention.  I am taking a two day class that will complete my requirements for the CRB (Certified Residential Broker) designation. 

I will then be attending the NAR (National Association of Realtors) convention, also in San Diego.  Hopefully I will be able to snap a few pictures tomorrow and post them for you.  In the meantime here is a a picture of me holding Hudson!f

I’ve tried everything to turn this picture and can’t seem to succeed so you will have to turn your phone or computer.

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I’m sure that some of you get kind of tired of the sunrise and sunset pictures – I don’t.  Every one of them is different, unique and exciting.

When you live here you never tire of seeing the wonders of the mountains.  The exciting thing for me is that rich or poor, young or old the price is the same.  You just have to stop for a moment.

Continental Divide Fire


Have a great weekend

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