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When you walk out on your deck and see this in your front yard you know you are not in Kansas Dorothy.

Mom and her babies

I was going outside to light the grill and attempt to burn something when I noticed that our yard was full of elk. there were five cows, but only two babies.  I’m sure that we’ll be having some more young elk joining us shortly.

Looking Alert

Front yard Cow

Estes Park is truly an amazing place to live.  I’m sure you can imagine the feeling when you walk outside and this is what you are greeted with.   Have a terrific day.


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Snow sledding in June?  Lois was just in the True Value store, near our office and one of those famous Texan’s was having everyone in True Value digging out sleds.  He said that he and 400 of his closest friends were headed for the park tomorrow to go sledding.  There is still plenty of snow up there, and yes, there is a visitors center under there somewhere.

Trail Ridge Road

Pictured above is the Trail Ridge Visitors center, still buried under a lot of snow. 

Trail Ridge Road Visitors Center East Door

This is the East Door to the Visitors Center on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I think they have some more shoveling to do before they can get tourists inside.

Trail Ridge Store and Coffee Shop

It will be a day or two before they have the Coffee Shop and Gift Store shoveled out so they can get visitors inside.

Hope you enjoyed the snow and the tour.  Have a great week – Gerald

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Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous highway in the United States traveling through Rocky Mountain National Park along the “Old Ute Trail”.  Each year the National Park tries to have the road open by Memorial Day.

Trail Ridge Road

SUV driving adjacent to the drifts on both sides of the highway near the top.

Trail Ridge Road

In this picture cars are driving between the drifts created when road crews cleaned off the highway.

This drift is on the top near the visitors center in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was 30 degrees colder at the summit than it was in Estes Park.  The temperature went from 77 to 47 degrees. 

One of the road crew workers said that the snowpack was already 30% smaller yesterday than it had been on Saturday due to melting.

Have a great week – Gerald

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