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Fall Colors are Peaking

The Peak to Peak Highway and the area around Allenspark is absolutely beautiful right now.  The leaves in Rocky Mountain National Park will probably be peaking this weekend just in time for Elk Fest.

Aspens surrounding the Visitors Center at Lilly Lake

Driving to and from Allenspark the colors are breathtaking.  If you aren’t taking the time to go to the Meadow Mountain Cafe to eat and enjoy the drive, you should be.

Blanket of Aspens in front of Mount Meeker

 If you have your camera, it is very difficult to make any kind of time on the drive because you are always stopped taking pictures.

View of Long's Peak through the Aspens

I have sometimes referred to the weather on particular days as being a “Chamber of Commerce” day.  We say that because it just doesn’t get any better.  This week we’ve had a whole week of that kind of weather.  The “Autumn Gold” celebration was a huge success and the weather is going to continue through the entire week and through the “Elk Fest” celebration.

Have a great day


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Traveling through the capital city – Washington DC there are numerous buildings that are of architectural interest.  Many of them were built to be great buildings to last the test of time, testimonials of their purpose.  The capital building, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial etc. Many of the  private sector buildings like the Willard Hotel in Washington DC, the Chrysler Building in New York City, buildings throughout our country that spoke of the greatness of the times.  Many of the cities in our country had a Union Station.  The place where all of the trains met, the places that were the center of transportation and commerce in our great country.  Testaments to the steel bands that connected our country from East to West, and North to South. 

Union Station Washington DC

Union Station - Washington DC The buildings represented the times. glamorous lifestyles and bigger than life individuals like the Rockefeller's, Barney Oldfield, Vanderbilt's. The artwork and the detail in the buildings makes the construction work of today make one wonder what will be said of our buildings and our society in a hundred years. While walking through the expansive corridors you wonder how many presidents and movie stars walked on the same marble looking at the same view that you see right now. Union Station Corridor Washington DC

I hope you enjoyed the tour. HAVE A GREAT DAY!  

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So far they haven’t kicked me out of anything here in Washington.  We went to the White House, but Obamma wasn’t home. 

White House - Washington DC

White House - Washington DC

You have to actually contact your Senator to get into the White House.  The visit is by invitation only from your Senator and they have to do a background check prior to your going inside.  I passed that part (surprise) and was expecting a rather intimate tour of the White House.  It was extremely intimate – me and another 1000 people who were their senator’s best friend that passed the background check.  There are about 10,000 people a day that tour the White House.  Talk about an “Open House”.

United States Capital

Gerald at the Washington Monument

 Have a terrific weekend –

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Here are the additional pictures that I promised you from the Resevoir Fire near Carter Lake in Loveland.  Man living with nature doesn’t seem to be going very well for nature this year either in the gulf or in Colorado.  I mentioned earlier that both of these fires were started by people burning brush and neither of them had permits.

This picture shows that the fire had spread to two hot spots at this point.

The helicopter is pictured drawing water from Carter Lake to fight the fire.  The good news is that there were two helicopters fighting the fire very early on, and Carter Lake was very close to the fire making it possible for both aircraft to make more trips dumping thousands of gallons of water on hot spots and structures to save them.

The slurry bombers were also very active early in the fire helping to minimize the growth of the fire during the beginning stages.

I also want to give Channel 9 in Denver credit for the pictures again.  They do an awsome job of news coverage in Colorado – Thank you Channel 9

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Colorado Fires

The Resevoir Road Fire is now 35% under control.  It has burned an estimated 710 acres, and burned two homes.  I will be posting pictures in the morning.  This fire was started by an individual burning brush in his yard.  Winds are expected to be higher tomorrow and there is concern because this fire is only partially contained.

The Lefthand Canyon fire near Boulder is now 100% contained, but still burning.  That fire burned 6,181 acres and destroyed 166 homes.  It was determined that this fire was actually started by a firefighter with 20 years of service.  He was burning brush in a fire pit.  The fire was extinguished with water, but later came back to life and embers blew to start the worst fire in Colorado history.

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The Scottish – Irish Festival in Estes Park started yesterday and the kickoff parade was this morning.  This is one of the top two Scottish Irish events in the entire country, so if you are close, and even if your are not it is worth you time to get here.



Judging from the parade attendance the festival will be a huge hit this year.  The streets were lined with people for blocks and as you can see from the picture below there were enough cars in town as well.

Traffic on East Highway 34 in Estes Park

East Highway 34

 There were plenty of bands in the parade, and the “United States Marine Corps Band” always stands proud.



 I’ll be writing more later – enjoy

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Boulder Fire Update

The Fourmile Canyon fire in Boulder is now ranking one of the worst fires in Colorado history for loss.  Here is a link to the Channel 9 News pictures of the fire.  http://www.9news.com/9slideshows/gallery.aspx?slideshowname=09-06-10-Boulder-fire-aerials

I think if you page through just a few of the 200 + pictures you will get a good feeling for the intensity of the fire, and the magnitude of some of the losses.  There are still four people missing, and one confirmed dead so far.

Yesterday morning they had the fire 10% contained.  The strong winds that they had anticipated for last night did not occur and the fire is now being updated as being 40% contained. 

Fourmile Canyon Fire

Winds are a huge factor on the spreading of this fire so those residents that were allowed back into the fire area are on notice that they may have to leave immediately if the winds change.

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