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Going Home

Just thought I’d share this picture with you.  I shot it in our back parking lot as I was leaving for home.  What a great place to live.

Going Home

Enjoy your day-


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Estes Park Traffic Report

It happens when you live in Estes Park – you have to wait for the animals.  Tonight, the elk had Highway 7, Highway 36, and Highway 34 all blocked at the same time this evening.

Elk Crossing Highway 34 towards Loveland
Elk Crossing Highway 34
Elk seem to have this crossing the road one at a time, head to tail down pat.  Takes a heard of 200 a while to get across the road.  Visitors like to watch, and locals get mad, honk their horns and attempt to drive through.  They really don’t appreciate what they have.
Estes Park Elk Crossing

Elk continue to traverse highway 34

They seem to like stopping the traffic on Highway 7 and Highway 34 as well this evening all at the same time.
Traffic halted for blockade

Traffic Blockade on Highway 7 & 36The Blockade Continues

Have a really great weekend – we are!

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We still don’t know wha the posted price of gas on the new Safeway gas station is.  There have been transport trucks putting fuel into the underground tanks at the new station and the station has been stocked with supplies.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the long awaited day that the new Safeway Fuel Center will open.

Many of the residents are wondering if this is just a large corporate ploy to run all of the small remaining stations out of business and then raise their prices like everyone else.  Many find it difficult to believe that they would spend over two million dollars just to bring lower gas prices to our little town.  Most belive that they will in fact raise their prices after they get rid of a couple of the remaining stations in Estes Park.

Time will tell and the world will be watching – well, at least 3.5 million people of the world.

Have a great day-

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It was another very successful Halloween in Estes Park, Colorado!  The downtown businesses do a fantastic job of providing entertainment and candy for young and old alike.  Parents and children alike dress up for the occasion in our beautiful little village and this year the weather again cooperated.  Typically Halloween sports our first snow in Estes for the season. 

Local Business owner passing out treats.

It's a doggone good day!


The typical schedule is from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM for the trick or treat bunch.  the Estes Park Police Department closes off Elkhorn Avenue to minimize traffic issues with the hundreds of participants.  I’ll have to get official estimates but I think we were in the thousands this year downtown.  Approximately 7:45 PM we started the rain snow mix finishing off any lingering individuals.

The Tin Man

The Tin Man

Steve Taylor and Gary Reeves in Estes Park Colorado for Halloween Performance

Steve Taylor & Gary Reeves


There was a huge crowd in front of Colorado Homestead for the lively performance of Steve Taylor and Gary Reeves who did the “Wicked Witch is Dead” and other renditions from Dorothy last night.
This couple moved to Estes Park Colorado from Utah.

Transplants from Utah

This lovely couple moved here permanently from Utah.  They’ve been hearing me say it, and they’ve been getting the Monday Morning Coffee, but last night they told me living in Estes Park is better than they ever thought it would be!  Now that’s an endorsement so what are you waiting for? 

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