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Even though it wasn’t this mornings sunrise (I’ve been saving this one) it is definitely a sunrise with an attitude. 

Sunrise over Estes Park Colorado with an Attitude

Sunrise with an "Attitude"

Hopefully we can all take this breathtaking feeling into and through the entire year of 2011.

Have a great day and go gettum –


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John Ramey was a good friend.  We lost him a couple of years ago, but John was truly the essence of Estes Park.  John was a trader and a true entrepreneur.  John owned the lot where the star is located in the picture below.

John Ramey Star

John Ramey's Star

It is always comforting around Christmas time to see the “Star” and the figure Jesus looking down on Estes Park, almost as if protecting our little community.   Estes Park is a special place with special people, special memories and a feeling that you can not get anywhere else that I’ve ever been.

Merry Christmas and may God bless your family as much as he has blessed ours –

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Sleepy Little Village

Our little town was wrapped in snow and clouds this morning.  It’s going to be a “White Christmas” in Estes Park for sure.

Downtown Estes Park Colorado

Estes Park Sleeping as Dawn Awaits

  I heard on the news this morning that above 9,000 feet they are expecting 7 to 9 feet of snow.  I’m so glad that we are at 7,522 feet.  We will have a little bit, but if you want more take a drive in the park.  Tuesday was a terrific day.  We had rain in Estes Park (you don’t have to shovel rain) and just above us about 800 feet it was all white with snow and snowing.

Have a great day-

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Dennis & Gerald

Pictured below is Gerald with Dennis Reinke, renowned commission artist and art instructor from Estes Park. Dennis Reinke and Gerald Mayo were at Starbucks a local coffeeing hole.  You never know who you are going to meet at the Estes Park Starbucks.   Dennis was an architect, and developer in a previous life.

Dennis Reinke Commission Artist

Dennis & Gerald

  He is now doing what he enjoys the most.  Dennis gets great pleasure out of his painting, and teaching others the craft.  The majority of his work is commissioned artwork.  People want pictures of their pets, themselves, a special scene from their house here to take back home.

You never know who you will run into at the Estes Park Starbucks.  Many of our locals or part-time citizens are actually famous but you wouldn’t know it from looking at them.

Have a great weekend –

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Real Estate Values

There are so many ways to value your real estate.  Every engineer that I’ve ever worked with wants to use the cost per square foot.  Logically, how else could you do it?  Estes Park, Colorado is different.

What kind of value do you place on this?

How Much?

The reason people come to Colorado, and particularly Estes Park are the mountains.  The good news about those gorgeous mountains is that they are owned by the public.  Land is one of Estes Park’s most valuable resources.  We only have five square miles to sell, the rest is owned by the National Forest or the National Park.  The five things that we do have to sell in Estes Park is rocks, trees, water, view and lifestyle.  The better the view, the more the property costs.  If it is on a river, stream or has a pond – the value goes up.  The more trees you have or rock outcroppings that are on the property – the better the value.

We have a lot of customers that come into the office that want five or ten acres with a pond for two hundred thousand dollars.  I simply tell them we have that, but it’s really close to Nebraska –

Have a nice day

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Little Breezy

I could hear the wind last night which is not unusual, but we are having a little more wind this year than normal.  The forecast is that it is going to be warmer and along with the warmer comes more wind.

Tree falls to high winds in Estes Park, Colorado


I must have been sleeping fairly soundly as I didn’t hear the tree come crashing to the ground. 

Main base is about six foot tall

The portion of the trunk that you can see standing is approximately six feet tall.  This should give some perspective on the size of the 40 foot plus tree that was the victim of  last nights wind. 

Branches were severed from the trunk in the fall


It looks like someone took a chain saw and cut the branches away from the trunk of the tree.  It fell with such force and violence it stripped all of the major branches from the trunk in the fall.
Enjoy your day –

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The Safeway Fuel Station is open for business and selling lots of gasoline. 

Gasoline prices in Estes Park, Colorado

Posted Gas Price Today

I actually didn’t have enough gas to make it to Fort Collins for a meeting last week and the station was close to the office.  I’m in a hurry and stop to fuel up.  Gasoline that day was posted on their sign at $2.45 per gallon.  With the 10 cent discount the price became $2.35.  I had to pick up some office supplies at Sam’s Club and their price was $2.53. 

That means I purchased gasoline in Estes Park for 18 cents a gallon cheaper than the “Valley”.  I’m guessing that is the first time Estes gas prices have been cheaper than those in the Valley in my lifetime.  I guess if you live long enough you can see many changes.

Have a great day-

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