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San Diego Watching

The beautiful Colorado Mountains had to take a little break while I went to San Diego.

San Diego Bay Sunset

San Diego Bay Sunset

I spent a little time on the Pacific Ocean looking for some interesting marine critters.  We went on a whale watching boat.   No guarantee’s that you’re going to see any whales.

The Sum Fun - Dana Point Port

Sum Fun - Dana Point

The crew on the Sum Fun which sails out of Dana Point Harbor in California were terrific.  Food was great as well.

San Diego Grey Whale

There She Blows

We were lucky enough to see a grey whale headed North from Mexico towards Alaska.  The grey whales head north to the lush Alaskan waters to feed all summer.

San Diego Grey Whale Fluke

The Fluke

I think it is everyone’s wish to be able to see “Flipper” up close and personal.  We got to see lots and lots of Flippers.  This particular Dolphin was headed our way with a great big smile on his face.

Flipper with a smile

Flipper with a smile


Flippers, Flippes, Flippers & more Dolphins

Flippers, Flippers and more Dolphins

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, have a great week –


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