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Colorado has a small moose population that seems to be  growing every year. The few moose that we have can be found mostly on the Western Slope or the West side of the Continental Divide.  You really have to know where to look for them or you won’t find them. Over the past few years we have had some bulls wander over to the Eastern side of the Continental Divide looking for love. Once they figure out they are lost they typically head back up the Poudre Canyon for the Western Slope to find their friends.

Recently we have had some sightings of some moose around Estes Park. This cow along with her calf have been wandering around town for the last several days. The first sighting  was by the big slide at 7:00 AM on Sunday morning.  I’m afraid I was actually asleep and didn’t get that call.  The next day by the Catholic Church and moving North. I captured this shot while the cow and her calf were resting at the MacGregor Ranch North of Estes Park yesterday.

Cow Moose resting at MacGregor Ranch

Moose Cow and her calf resting at the MacGregor Ranch

Mother Nature camouflages the young so that they disappear right into the habitat that they are surrounded by.  You can barely see the ears of the calf to the left of the mother. These moose are much lighter in color than the typical moose which helps them in disappearing into the background of the grass, trees and rocks.

Calf Moose Resting

It is exciting to see moose make a comeback in Colorado.  The other half of that is that they are much more aggressive animals than elk particularly when they have young around.  The Rangers and Department of Wildlife Officers will have their hands full educating the tourists that these animals are actually a threat if approached.  You can’t just walk up to them with your camera.

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